Policy of quality and product safety

The Management Board of the Lubelskie Młyny Company adopted the following as the main objective of the Policy of Quality and Product Safety:

Manufacture and provision of products which pose no threat to health or life of the consumers and comply with the requirements of legality as well as meet the customers’ expectations as to marketable quality that allow for accomplishing the assumed quality and economic goals.

The achievement of the above-mentioned objective is guaranteed by compliance with the following rules:

The full implementation of the set Policy of Quality is ensured by:

Information on the milling technology and quality control

The products of cereal milling manufactured in our mills are the guarantee of food health safety while the modern machinery ensures excellent quality of the products in the current production.

Full automation and computerization ensure the highest degree of control and repeatability of the manufacturing conditions. Furthermore, the priority of our mill’s operation is safety and quality of products. The HAACP quality control system was implemented in the production site. A number of control points and critical points such as magnetic separators for removing ferrous materials, a COMBI cleaning machine and the control sieves enable efficient elimination of food safety hazards.

We would like to inform you that the mill is equipped with a SORTEX machine used for optical sorting of grain products, which is a unique solution allowing for the elimination of unwanted ingredients and impurities that until recently could not be removed by conventional methods. The machine uses the technology of optics, electronics and pneumatics to sort out the following impurities:

Another similar machine is DC-PEELER that can be used to:

The mill has its own highly specialized laboratory, which is equipped, among other devices, with:

There is also a station for measuring the falling number in the laboratory rooms. Other facilities include:

Moreover, monitoring of pest prevention and control is carried out in the production site.

In conclusion, we wish to add that all test results and documentation determined in a Haccp system are available in the Company’s Seat or upon the Customer’s request.

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