About the company

We provide our Clients with top-quality products which meet the highest standards of food safety.

The highest quality of products is achieved through the proper selection of raw materials for milling as well as top-class technology of production.

Full automation and computerization ensure high degree of control and repeatability of the manufacturing conditions. The above-mentioned actions have been supported by the implementation and certification of the HAACP quality control system.

The high quality of our products is further ensured by:

Policy of distribution

Our company is committed to improving the customer service quality by providing an appropriate level of delivery services where the following are of the outmost importance:

  1. Prompt order execution
  2. Reliability of deliveries
  3. On-time deliveries
  4. Readiness to carry out urgent need deliveries
  5. Commitment to product quality
  6. Readiness to withdraw products and promptly replace goods in case of a complaint
  7. Possibility to choose convenient means of transport.

Głównym celem działalności jest dostarczenie na rynek wyrobów spełniających wymagania i oczekiwania naszych Klientów oraz utrzymanie wysokiego poziomu jakości i bezpieczeństwa zdrowotnego żywności.